Who we are?

The goal in creating Total Wellness 365 has been to reinforce the work of doctors, physical therapists and nutritionists with the skills and knowledge of a qualified exercise specialist. It is this collaboration that allows us to offer an unprecedented level of service in your home, park or gym. Our trainers are all qualified in health and fitness. We set up a program for you and keep you motivated. We will push you past your comfort level--something difficult to do on your own. Our trainers also provide:


  • guidance on reaching your goals
  • education about strength training, cardio and basic nutrition
  • a reason to show up at the gym each week
  • accountability
  • ways to help track your progress

What is a Session Like?

Each session lasts one hour. The first meeting is devoted to assessing fitness level, body measurements, exercise and health history and goals. Be prepared to step on the scale, have your body fat tested and answer specific questions about your goals. After that, you'll spend most of your time on strength training and cardio.

In Home Sessions:

We create and implement individualized fitness programs designed to achieve our clients' fitness objectives safely and efficiently. Personal training sessions can be held in the privacy of your own home, your building's fitness center or your apartment. With our training techniques and certified trainers all you need is a set of dumbbells, resisting tubes, ankle waits and a small 15” physio ball which can all fit in a closet. You will get the workout you are looking for and start your day full of energy.

In Park Sessions:

Our park workouts are the most pleasant during the seasons of spring, summer and fall. We accommodate you with exercises that will fit your outdoor ability and reach your goals. We provide some of the equipment, all we ask for is to bring a mat. These sessions can also work on pairs for you and your partner or friend. (Pricing Differs).

In Gym Sessions:

These are the most effective sessions which will transform your physique and shape it much faster and accurately. With Total Wellness 365 gym sessions, your body will take the transformation you have always desired. Our trainers will customize your workout at your needs, will advise you on correct form and technique. Weights can damage your muscles, tear ligaments and brake bones. Our personal trainers will make sure that your physique will stay healthy and fit for your daily activities as well as extreme outdoor challenging activities.